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NOTE: Cal Coast Adventures does not accept paper waivers, please submit electronically.

New Hire Information.

Please Read the ITALICIZED sections as they help explain what you're reading and filling out. Required sections are identified with a yellow star.

This information is needed in order to create your Heartland account (our payroll provider) so that you can get paid.

You will receive an email from Heartland to create your pay stub and W2 tracking account

W4 Info

Before completing this section click here to view the W4 form. This form is required by the government for you to complete in order for them to take out the appropriate amount of taxes for you. The top section of this form you've already completed by providing your info above. The rest of the info you'll provide through the below prompts. If you don't have multiple jobs or extenuating tax-related circumstances most of these prompts/boxes can be left blank but be sure to view the form and follow the instructions.


(Optional) Other Adjustments

(Optional) Other Adjustments

(Optional) Other Adjustments

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Under penalties of perjury, I declare that this certificate, to the best of my knowledge and belief, is true, correct, and complete.

Fri Aug 19, 2022

Employer Name and Address: Cal Coast Adventures, 736 Carpinteria Street, Santa Barbara CA 93103. EIN: 27-4927511

Meal Break Waiver Form.

This form is not required but recommended if you'd like to get paid for 5-7 hour work days without taking the government mandated 30 minute unpaid break.

Waiver Effective Period: Fri Aug 19, 2022

I understand that under California Labor Law, after a work period of 5 hours, I am entitled to receive an unpaid meal break of not less than 30 minutes during which I am relieved of all duties. I give my consent that I may waive my 30-minute unpaid meal break only when my work and/or scheduled shift will be completed in 6 hours or less in one workday. I understand that if my shift exceeds 6 hours, I am required to take an unpaid meal break of at least 30 minutes.

Employee Authorization:

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Sign Here

Employer Authorization:

Supervisor Signature:  ________________________


This is a typical employment contract in place to protect you and protect the company. It is recommended by legal advisors to have something like this so that there is clear communication of expectations between employer and employee.

BE IT KNOWN, that this AGREEMENT is entered into on 

Fri Aug 19, 2022

Between Cal Coast Adventures, (hereafter referred to as the "Employer"), located at 736 Carpinteria St, Santa Barbara, California 93103 and

(hereafter referred to as the "Employee") residing at

IN WITNESS THEREOF, the above parties wish to enter into this Agreement and express the need to define and set forth within this instrument the terms and conditions of employment of the above named employee by Cal Coast Adventures.

THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreed upon stipulations set forth below, it is hereby solemnly agreed upon and thus legally binding by the Employer and the Employee as follows:


Cal Coast Adventures, a company, operating at 736 Carpinteria St, Santa Barbara, California 93103, does hereby employ

in the position of

and the Employee does hereby agree to serve in such capacity, beginning

and ending at such date and time the Employee's employment may be terminated in accordance with below listed Termination of Agreement clause.


, the Employee, hereby agrees that throughout his/her period of employment s/he shall devote his/her full attention and time, during working hours, to the performance of his/her duties and business affairs of the Employer, in addition to performing said duties faithfully and efficiently as directed by the CEO, Manager, or Supervisor of the Employer. It is not the intention of the Employer to assign duties and responsibilities which are not typically within the scope and characteristics associated with this position, or of which may not be required of other employees of similar rank and position. However, the Employer reserves the right to increase and/or revise the Employee's role and responsibilities, whether through reorganization of his/her position or promotion. Any change in the Employee's pay scale, due to the change of responsibilities and/or promotion, will be at the sole discretion of the Employer.


In accordance with the following terms and conditions of this Agreement, and throughout the Employee's period of employment, compensation for his/her services will be as follows: Employee will receive:

Input rate of pay per hour in this format: $17.00

with yearly evaluations and/or rate increases as deemed appropriate and said amount to be determined by the Supervisor of the Employee.

Paychecks will be issued as follows:

Twice monthly paychecks issued typically on the Twentieth and Fifth day of every month. Holidays and weekends may affect this schedule by a day or two.

Employee will be entitled to other similar benefits of employees of similar rank and position.


Subject to the provisions stipulated within "AMENDMENT AND/OR CANCELLATION OF AGREEMENT," should the Employee's employment be terminated by reason of his/her disability (as expressed below), the Employee will continue to receive his/her regular annual salary and benefits set forth above in "COMPENSATION & BENEFITS" to the end of the 1 Month full calendar months in connection with said disability, and which is not to exceed beyond the Employment Period. For intended purpose of this Agreement, "disability" is defined as a physical or mental impairment which would render the Employee incapable of performing his/her duties and responsibilities as determined by an independent physician provided and paid for by the Employer.


Within or after the Employment Period, the Employee shall at no time divulge, release, or remove for his/her use or that of any other individual or company any documentation, information, or knowledge pertaining to the operation or business of the Employer or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates, obtained or made available to him/her during the course of his/her employment with the Employer, subsidiaries or affiliates. Furthermore, the Employer and Employee agree as follows:

- Confidential information excludes that which is public knowledge.

- Employee shall not copy or modify any Confidential Information without prior written consent of the Employer.

- Employee shall, upon termination of employment (whether voluntary or involuntarily), immediately return to the Employer any and all written documents and/or materials of a confidential nature.

Unauthorized Disclosure

Should the Employee, during or after termination of employment, disclose or threaten to disclose any information of a confidential nature, the Employee shall be deemed in violation of this Agreement, and the Employer at that time shall be entitled to obtain an injunction to restrain the Employee from disclosing or further disclosing, in whole or in part, Confidential Information. The Employer shall also be entitled to pursue other legal remedies, as may be deemed appropriate, for any loss and/or damages incurred as a result of any unauthorized disclosure made by the Employee during or after termination of employment.


Should the Employee, at any time, violate any of the covenants or agreements set forth in "CONFIDENTIALITY - UNAUTHORIZED DISCLOSURE," the Employer reserves the right to immediately terminate employment of Employee, and terminate all its obligations to make any further payments under this Agreement. The Employee acknowledges that the Employer could incur permanent and irreversible damage and injury though a violation of the provisions within "CONFIDENTIALITY - UNAUTHORIZED DISCLOSURE," and as such agrees that the Employer shall be entitled to any legal remedy or injunction, as may be deemed appropriate by Employer or Court of Law, from any actual or threatened breach of this Agreement.


Any Amendment of this Agreement must be mutually agreed upon in writing by both parties (the Employer and Employee). Furthermore, any amendment must also contain a start date for the amendment to the original Employment Contract.


The Employment Period shall be terminated at the time when any of the following may occur: - Date of "at-will" termination by either Employee or Employer;

- Upon the Employee's death;

- Date on which the Employer provides notice to Employee for termination due to disability;

- Cause shall include, but is not limited to Employee's gross misconduct, material damage to the Employer, Employee's willful breach of this Agreement, or the Employee's death occurs; .


Any notice required or allowable, made in accordance with this Agreement, must be made in writing and sent by registered mail to the Employee at his/her home address or to the Employer at its principal headquarters, whichever the case may be.


The Employee agrees to comply with all of the Employer's Rules and Regulations (i.e. Rules of Conduct) in accordance with the Employer's policies.


Employer shall reimburse the Employee, in accordance with Employer policy, for any reasonable out of pocket expenses authorized by the Employer, including the following:

Professional Dues, Travel, Postage


At the end of the Employee's contract or upon termination of employment, whether voluntary or involuntary, said Employee shall immediately return to the Employer any and all company property including, but not limited to, the following:

- Key or Key Card(s) granting access to the building and/or offices or areas located within the building;

- Company Car;

- Company Credit Cards;

The Employer reserves the right, and shall be entitled to pursue any legal remedies, as may be deemed appropriate, for any loss and/or damages incurred as a result of Employee's failure to return Employer property after termination of employment.


Any interests pertaining to the Employee under the Agreement are not subject to any claims of his/her creditors and may not be voluntarily or involuntarily assigned, alienated or encumbered.


Throughout the Employee's term of employment with the Employer, whether during the fulfillment of his/her normal duties and responsibilities or others which may be specifically assigned to the Employee, either on his/her own or in connection with another individual, the Employee develops or creates any such intellectual property, including but not limited to any work where a copyright exists or may exist, the Employee shall immediately notify the Employer. In addition, the Employee acknowledges and agrees that any and all such intellectual property, copyright and other intellectual property rights shall be deemed the ownership of the Employer.

The Employee hereby waives unconditionally and irrevocably any and all moral or any such rights of a similar nature with respect to any work where a copyright exists, may exist or later exists, in which the copyright is created by the Employee during employment in each jurisdiction worldwide, and that such rights may be waived for each respective jurisdiction. The waiver hereby extends to any and all respective acts of the Employer, its successors, assigns, licensees and any acts of third party individuals with the authority of the Employer, its successors and/or assigns.


The contents of this Agreement shall be legally binding upon the Employer, and its successors or assigns by any individual or company acquiring, whether by sale or merger or otherwise, all or substantially all of the Employer's assets and business.


Employee must be willing and able to lift upwards of 60 pounds.


This Agreement contains the complete and entire agreement of both the Employer and Employee, and there are no other promises or conditions, oral or written, outside of what is contained herein this Agreement. This Agreement supersedes any prior written or oral agreements between both parties.


Should any provision contained within this Agreement be deemed invalid or unenforceable, in part or in whole, such invalidity or unenforceability will attach only to that particular provision or part of this Agreement while the remaining aspects of said provision and all other provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.


The provisions of the Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the current laws of the state of California.


The Employee acknowledges receipt of a copy of this Agreement signed by both the Employee and the Employer.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Employee has hereunto set his/her hand, and the Employer has caused this instrument to be executed in its name and on its behalf, as of

Fri Aug 19, 2022

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Employee Signature

Supervisor Signature:  ______________________

Supervisor Name: Connor King

Acknowledgement of Employee Enrollment in Paperless Payroll

This is not required but recommended so that we can save trees by not printing out paper pay stubs and handing you envelopes every two weeks. Paystubs can be accessed online through your Paychex Flex account.


consent to receiving my wage statements / check stubs / and any personal or sensitive information that pertains to my pay, employment, and tax documents associated with Cal Coast Adventures LLC electronically. I acknowledge that I have been provided with sufficient instructions and guidance regarding how to access my personal pay, employment, and tax information through the Paychex mobile application and through the Paychex Flex web portal. This approval is effective beginning

Fri Aug 19, 2022

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Cal Coast Adventures Safety Manual and Training (Our Training Docs)

These are our training docs that everyone needs to read. Thanks

Please Read the sections applicable to your role(s) in the following document and sign below acknowledging that you have read and understood the following training document.

Training Document

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Please Sign Here

Safety Training (Government Mandated)

Reading these documents is our way of fulfilling the government's mandate for you as an employee to be safety trained.

Please Read the following documents and sign.

Cal Coast Adventures COVID-19 Prevention Plan

Cal Coast Adventures Injury and Illness Prevention Plan


have read the Cal Coast Adventures COVID-19 Prevention Plan and Cal Coast Adventures Injury and Illness Prevention Plan and I have been sufficiently trained in the safety procedures required of me to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and I have been sufficiently trained in the safety procedures required of me to prevent workplace injuries and ailments.

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Sign Here

Fri Aug 19, 2022

Cal Coast Adventures Rules of Conduct

Please Read this Entire Document and Initial after each item indicating your understanding.

Offenses below will result in immediate termination with no prior warnings:

Reckless driving in a company vehicle such as; Speeding, poor driving etiquette, irresponsible parking, irresponsible driving, breaking traffic laws, carelessness resulting in damage, using a company car for personal errands without permission.

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Cursing in front of clients. We will not tolerate foul language in front of our guest’s or while working at Cal Coast.

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If you don’t show up for a lesson or tour with no communication or at least 2 hours’ notice to the office so we can find coverage.

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Do not answer a personal call while driving one of our vehicles. If you get a call from Cal Coast do not answer unless you have headphones or until safe. Please bring headphones or a hands free option while driving in case the office needs to get a hold of you for a lesson, tour, or rental. Do not text and drive.

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You must wear a shirt around the shop and always in front of clients except when at the beach teaching. It’s not professional to have you shirt off unless you are on the beach.

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Repeated offenses that will result in termination. 3 warnings for below offenses will cause termination:

Tardiness, showing up over 20 minutes late will lead to a written warning.

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Excessive time spent on deliveries and pick-ups. Should an event take longer than normal or what otherwise would be deemed necessary there will be a need for explanation.

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Showing up late. You are the face of business when leading our adventures. If you fail to show up on time it reflects poorly on the entire company.

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Leaving un washed wetsuits, trash, or clothes in the van after your day of teaching whether yours or not. It is your responsibility to clean and put away equipment if you are the one finishing the day unless otherwise informed by a manager.

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Taking a surfboard out for personal use during a lesson that does not require you to be on a board. This can result in a dangerous situation with your board being able to hit others while pushing your student into waves and it also looks bad if our instructors are surfing during a paid for instructional lesson.

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Ending lessons and tours early. Unless the client request you to finish early or they show up late leaving them less time for their booking they need to have the full time offered in the experience they paid for. You should always be wearing a watch if you are teaching water sports. The office may have watches for you to wear but best if you have your own. Don’t forget them!

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Leaving clients unattended. You should never leave a guest on any tour or activity for any reason other than when you have no choice. If hiking and someone in the party cannot complete the hike and you have no other guide to accompany them you must all turn around! Do not separate. This goes for bike tours as well. If one student in a surf lesson is too tired and wants to sit on the beach that is okay.

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When using tools on the work bench or out of the mobile tool boxes you must return the tools to their original place. You cannot leave the tools out or in the vehicles unless told otherwise.

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acknowledge and understand this form and what it states and the repercussions of the above actions.

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Fri Aug 19, 2022

Cal Coast Adventures Dress Code

Please read through this document and sign so that we're on the same page on how to dress and bathe professionally.


Cal Coast Adventures and its affiliated companies strive to provide the highest possible level of client satisfaction and customer service. The Dress Code policy supports that goal and requires that all employees dress and groom themselves in a manner that reflects a professional environment and is appropriate for the position and responsibilities performed.


Any time attire is reported to be a distraction for our clients, co-workers, or visitors, the management will assess the attire for compliance with the goals of this policy. Employees who report to work inappropriately dressed will be asked to change into proper attire and/or possibly sent home without pay and asked to return to work in proper attire.


General/Personal Hygiene:

Specific expectations include but are not limited to:

  • Employees are to report to work clean and appropriately use deodorant.
  • Avoid excessive perfume/cologne/fragrances.
  • The odor of any kind of smoke about one’s person is not acceptable.
  • Employees shall have a clean and maintained hairstyle. Dirty or unkempt hair is not acceptable.
  • Beards, mustaches, and sideburns are to be groomed neatly.
  • Nails are to be kept in neat appearance and clean.
  • No tattoos should depict violence, sex, racism, gang affiliation, or be offensive, even if visible for a moment.


  • All clothing must be clean, fit properly, and be in good repair. Clothing should not be overly revealing.
  • No clothing should have logos or depictions promoting offensive messages, violence, sex, racism, or drug use.
  • Employees shall wear a shirt at all times except when on-beach or during water activities.
  • Wear Cal Coast Adventures t-shirts if given and clean.


  • Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times except when on beach or washing wetsuits.
  • Closed toed shoes are required for bike related activities.

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Fri Aug 19, 2022

Workers Compensation Pamphlet (government mandated)

All of the below information is information on workers compensation that the government requires us to give you so that you have access and are aware of the benefits available to you from the government if you were to get seriously injured on the job.

Click Here to View Worker's Comp Pamphlet

Continuation of Workers Compensation Pamphlet

If you desire to have a specific doctor, physician, or chiropractor attend to you in the event you were to get seriously hurt on the job you will need to be given two forms that you'll need to fill out and have your doctor(s) sign. This is not required. If you're okay with the Cal Coast Adventures staff just taking you to wherever we deem best in the moment for example the emergency room or urgent care then you do not need to complete these forms.


In the event you sustain an injury or illness related to your employment, you may be treated for such injury or illness by your personal medical doctor (M.D.), doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.) or medical group if:

• on the date of your work injury you have health care coverage for injuries or illnesses that are not work related;

• the doctor is your regular physician, who shall be either a physician who has limited his or her practice of medicine to general practice or who is a board-certified or board-eligible internist, pediatrician, obstetrician-gynecologist, or family practitioner, and has previously directed your medical treatment, and retains your medical records;

• your “personal physician” may be a medical group if it is a single corporation or partnership composed of licensed doctors of medicine or osteopathy, which operates an integrated multispecialty medical group providing comprehensive medical services predominantly for nonoccupational illnesses and injuries;

• prior to the injury your doctor agrees to treat you for work injuries or illnesses;

• prior to the injury you provided your employer the following in writing: (1) notice that you want your personal doctor to treat you for a work-related injury or illness, and (2) your personal doctor's name and business address.

You may fill out a form to notify your employer if you wish to have your personal medical doctor or a doctor of osteopathic medicine treat you for a work-related injury or illness and the above requirements are met.

Click to Initial


If your employer or your employer's insurer does not have a Medical Provider Network, you may be able to change your treating physician to your personal chiropractor or acupuncturist following a work-related injury or illness. In order to be eligible to make this change, you must give your employer the name and business address of a personal chiropractor or acupuncturist in writing prior to the injury or illness. Your claims administrator generally has the right to select your treating physician within the first 30 days after your employer knows of your injury or illness. After your claims administrator has initiated your treatment with another doctor during this period, you may then, upon request, have your treatment transferred to your personal chiropractor or acupuncturist.

NOTE: If your date of injury is January 1, 2004 or later, a chiropractor cannot be your treating physician after you have received 24 chiropractic visits unless your employer has authorized additional visits in writing. The term “chiropractic visit” means any chiropractic office visit, regardless of whether the services performed involve chiropractic manipulation or are limited to evaluation and management. Once you have received 24 chiropractic visits, if you still require medical treatment, you will have to select a new physician who is not a chiropractor. This prohibition shall not apply to visits for postsurgical physical medicine visits prescribed by the surgeon, or physician designated by the surgeon, under the postsurgical component of the Division of Workers’ Compensation’s Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule.

You may fill out a form to notify your employer of your personal chiropractor or acupuncturist.

Click to Initial

Health Insurance & EDD Information

Below are three links to forms of information that we are required to give you. The first form is information on the health insurance marketplace so that the government makes sure you're aware of the coverage options available to you and they recommend you have insurance. We're too small of a company to be required to offer a health insurance plan. The other two forms are information and contact info on the EDD and the benefits they offer for CA Paid Family Leave benefits and CA Disability benefits.

Health Insurance Form

EDD Paid Family Leave Form

EDD Disability Insurance Form

Labor Code section 2810.5

The government requires us to have you fill out this form to prove that you are aware of the labor code and to prove that you have received all of the government mandated forms ie workers compensation, health insurance, EDD, etc, and to sign off saying that you understand the rules by the government in place to protect you as employee.



Legal Name of Hiring Employer: Mitch Hawkins

Physical Address of Hiring Employer’s Main Office: 736 Carpinteria Street, Santa Barbara CA 93103.

Hiring Employer’s Telephone Number: (805) 628-2444


Rate of Pay:

Overtime Rate of Pay: 1.5x

Does a written agreement exist providing the rate(s) of pay?

If yes, are all rate(s) of pay and bases thereof contained in that written agreement?

Allowances, if any, claimed as part of minimum wage (including meal or lodging allowances):
(If the employee has signed the acknowledgment of receipt below, it does not constitute a “voluntary written agreement” as required under the law between the employer and employee in order to credit any meals or lodging against the minimum wage. Any such voluntary written agreement must be evidenced by a separate document.)

Regular Payday: 5th and 20th of every month.


Insurance Carrierʼs Name: State Compensation Insurance Fund
Address: P.O. Box 8192 Pleasanton, CA 94588
Telephone Number: 1-888-728-8338
Policy No.: 9134193
If you are Self-Insured (Labor Code3700) please insert your Certificate Number for Consent to Self-Insure:

this is very rare, not required


Unless exempt,the employee identified on this notice is entitled to minimum requirements for paid sick leave understate law which provides that an employee:

a. May accrue paid sick leave and may request and use up to 3days or 24hours of accrued paid sick leave per year;
b. May not be terminated or retaliated against for using or requesting the use of accrued paid sick leave; and
c. Has the right to file a complaint against an employer who retaliates or discriminates against an employee for

1. requesting or using accrued sick days;
2. attempting to exercise the right to use accrued paid sick days;
3. filing a complaint or alleging a violation of Article 1.5 section 245 et seq.of the California Labor Code;
4. cooperating in an investigation or prosecution of an alleged violation of this Article or opposing any policy or practice or act that is prohibited by Article1.5 section 245et seq. of the California Labor Code.

The following applies to the employee identified on this notice:

please select option 1.


Connor T King

(Print Name of Employer Representative)


(Signature of Employer Representative)

Fri Aug 19, 2022

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Signature of Employee

Fri Aug 19, 2022

Labor Code section 2810.5(b) requires that the employer notify you in writing of any changes to the information set forth in this Notice within seven calendar days after the time of the changes,unless one of the following applies: (a) All changes are reflected on a timely wage statement furnished in accordance with Labor Code
section 226; (b) Notice of all changes is provided in another writing required by law within seven days of the changes.

DLSE-NTE (rev 9/2014)


The form required by the government to prove and validate that you are a citizen of this country and/or allowed to work in this country.

Employment Eligibility Verification
Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Form I-9
OMB No. 1615-0047
Expires 10/31/2022

START HERE: Read instructions carefully before completing this form. The instructions must be available, either in paper or electronically, during completion of this form. Employers are liable for errors in the completion of this form.

ANTI-DISCRIMINATION NOTICE: It is illegal to discriminate against work-authorized individuals. Employers CANNOT specify which document(s) an employee may present to establish employment authorization and identity. The refusal to hire or continue to employ an individual because the documentation presented has a future expiration date may also constitute illegal discrimination.

Section 1. Employee Information and Attestation (Employees must complete and sign Section 1 of Form I-9 no later than the first day of employment, but not before accepting a job offer.)

I am aware that federal law provides for imprisonment and/or fines for false statements or use of false documents in connection with the completion of this form. I attest, under penalty of perjury, that I am:

Aliens authorized to work must provide only one of the following document numbers to complete Form I-9: An Alien Registration Number/USCIS Number OR Form I-94 Admission Number OR Foreign Passport Number.

Click to Sign
Signature of Employee

Fri Aug 19, 2022

Identification Documents to Complete the I9 Form Requirements

All documents must be UNEXPIRED
Employees may present one selection from List A
or a combination of one selection from List B and one selection from List C.

please click the link below to identify the documents that you will need to turn into the Cal Coast Adventures office.

click here for list of acceptable documents

Congrats! You're All Done!